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Client Forms


DNA Record and Sample Expungement Instructions

Habeas Corpus Petition Packet

Power of Attorney

DWI Administrative License Revocation & Interlock Procedures Info

Interstate Compact Request for Final Disposition of Out of State Pending Criminal Matters Packet

Grand Jury Information

Grand Jury Information- Spanish

Eligibility Documents

LOPD Performance Standards

2016 Performance Standards

LOPD Policies

LOPD Succession Plan

LOPD Code of Conduct

LOPD 10.12.1 NMAC General Provisions 

LOPD 10.12.2 NMAC Appointments 

LOPD 10.12.3 NMAC Classification 

LOPD 10.12.4 NMAC Pay 

In Pay Range Adjustment Interpretive Memo 2024-04


FY 2024 Compensation and Classification Plan

LOPD 10.12.5 NMAC Recruitment Assessment Selection 

LOPD 10.12.6 NMAC General Working Conditions 

LOPD Telework Policy

LOPD Telework Agreement Form

LOPD 10.12.7 NMAC Absence and Leave

Leave Donation Interpretive Memo

LOPD 10.12.8 NMAC Drug and Alcohol Abuse 

LOPD 10.12.9 NMAC Performance Appraisals 

Evaluation Focal Point Implementation

LOPD 10.12.10 NMAC Furlough Reduction in Force Reemployment Separation Without Prejudice 

LOPD 10.12.11 NMAC Discipline 

LOPD 10.12.12 NMAC Adjudication 

LOPD 10.12.13 NMAC Rule Making 

LOPD 10.12.14 NMAC Interim Case Refusal Protocol 

NMAC Contents and Description

Interim Agreement between AFSCME and the LOPD

LOPD 2023 Holiday Observance

LOPD 2024 Holiday Observance

Conflict of Interest and Outside Employment Acknowledgement Form

Organization and Administration


200.007 NM Public Defender Department Contract Counsel Legal Services

Fiscal Management

300.004 NM Public Defender Department Reporting of crime in which the Dept. or the State of NM is the Victim

Human Resources Policies and Procedures

400.103.1 Visitor Policy
400.103.8 Worker’s Compensation
400.106.1 Annual Leave

400.106.2 Sick Leave
400.106.4 Paid Parental Leave

400.106.5 Staying Healthy and Rejuvenated Program (SHARP)
400.108.1 Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Retaliation
400.108.2 Reasonable Accommodation

400.108.3 Alternative Dispute Resolution

400.108.5 Social Media Policy


Information Technology

500.004 NM Public Defender Department Computer Info. Systems, Internet, Intranet and Email Usage

Information and Records

600.003 NM Public Defender Department Inspection of Dept. Public Records

Loss Prevention & Control

LOPD Loss Control Plan
Loss Control Plan List of Appendices

Appendix A 1.6.4 NMAC State Loss Prevention and Control Program Rule
Appendix A 1.6.4 NMAC Audit Report 4-29-2015
Appendix B.1 Loss Prevention Committee Members 4-8-2015
Appendix C Update 4-7-2015

Appendix C.1 Self Inspection Audit Procedures Updated 4-8-2015
Appendix D Agency LPC Activities and Training – Update 4-8-2015
Appendix E Incident Investigation Recordkeeping and Reporting Procedures Update 4-8-2015
Appendix F Claims Analysis & Management Procedure Update 4-8-2015
Appendix G LPC Education and Training Requirements Update 4-8-2015
Appendix H Job Orientation and Other Training Update 4-8-2015

Appendix I LPC Initiatives Update 4-8-2015
Appendix J Alternative Dispute Resolution Update 4-8-2015
Appendix L Investigation Analysis and Evaluation of Incidents & Losses
Appendix M Workers Compensation Claims Record Information


New Employees:

General Office Safety
Slips, Trips and Falls
Appendix H- NEO Acknowledgment


Incident Investigation
Accident Investigation Form

Training for everyone:

Lifting and your back
Office Ergonomic Exercises

Safety Minutes:

How to Conduct Safety Minutes

Safety-Minutes- Sharps Handling and Disposal
Appendix H- Safety MInute Fatigue
Appendix H- Safety Minute Computer Eye Strain
Appendix H- Safety Minute Fan Safety
Appendix H- Safety Minute Grill Safety
Appendix H- Safety Minute July is UV Safety Month
Appendix H- Safety Minute React to a Fire

Appendix H- Safety Minute Who is Responsible for Safety
Appendix H- Safety Minute 4th of July Safety
Appendix H- Safety Minute Anger- Just One Letter Short of Danger
Appendix H- Safety Minute Copier and Printer Safety
Appendix H- Safety Minute Fighting Fatigue
Appendix H- Safety Minute Heat Injury Risk Factors
Appendix H- Safety Minute Parking Lot Tips
Appendix H- Safety Minute Spring Cleaning
Appendix H- Safety Minute Why We Have Safety Meetings

Appendix-H-Safety-Minute-Personal Space Heater-Safety

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