What Makes Public Defender Representation Effective

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What Makes Public Defender Representation Effective

Highly Qualified.

Public Defender lawyers are chosen from a field of attorneys who apply. Only the best candidates are accepted to join the PD team. Also, unlike most other lawyers, PD lawyers work only in the criminal law field. Thus, PD lawyers are in court and advocating for clients more than most attorneys.

Dedicated to Clients.

Even though public defender lawyers are paid by the government, their duty of loyalty is with each individual client. PD lawyers take an ethical pledge to assert the constitutional rights of all clients and to work zealously to defend every client.

Backed with Excellent Resources.

Public defender attorneys work as a team on cases. Most clients have the benefit of many attorneys assisting with their defense. PD lawyers also have unlimited legal research access, a team of investigators, social workers, and paralegals to fight for clients.

Trained and Supervised.

Every PD Lawyer attends annual training to improve his or her trial and courtroom skills. All Public Defender lawyers attend bi-monthly training on criminal law topics. Including; speedy trial rights, grand jury rights, trial preparation, and the rules of evidence. Additionally, every PD lawyer has a direct supervisor who trains and monitors progress on cases.

Dedicated to Public Service.

Attorneys hired by the public defender department in New Mexico have a demonstrated dedication to public service. Although most attorneys in the department could make more money in the private sector, they choose to work for people in the community who need and deserve to have strong and competent advocates in court. For PD Lawyers and our staff – it isn’t about money – it’s about equal justice.