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The New Mexico Law Offices of the Public Defender is committed to transparency within the ethical and legal boundaries inherent in the public practice of law. Journalists seeking information or comment are welcome to speak with LOPD employees and/or seek assistance from LOPD Communication Specialist Maggie Shepard. Department leadership is available to provide comment on departmental and statewide policy issues. The department’s social media policy can be found here.

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[7-22-20] Press Conference- LOPD Action Against Ice and Homeland Security

[6-8-20] LOPD Body Camera Press Release June 8, 2020

[4-14-20] LOPD Press Release April 14, 2020.

[3-16-20] LOPD Press Release March 15, 2020.

For media inquiries or help finding a source within the department, contact:
Maggie Shepard- Communication Specialist
Text or Call (505)-690-4529