LOPD Policies & Procedures

Loss Prevention & Control Committee

Loss Prevention & Control Plan:

LOPD Loss Control Plan
Loss Control Plan List of Appendices
Appendix A 1.6.4 NMAC State Loss Prevention and Control Program Rule
Appendix A 1.6.4 NMAC Audit Report 4-29-2015
Appendix B.1 Loss Prevention Committee Members 4-8-2015
Appendix C Update 4-7-2015
Appendix C.1 Self Inspection Audit Procedures Updated 4-8-2015
Appendix D Agency LPC Activites and Training - Update 4-8-2015
Appendix E Incident Investigation Recordkeeping and Reporting Procedures Update 4-8-2015
Appendix F Claims Analysis & Management Procedure Update 4-8-2015
Appendix G LPC Education and Training Requirements Update 4-8-2015
Appendix H Job Orientation and Other Training Update 4-8-2015
Appendix I LPC Initiatives Update 4-8-2015
Appendix J Alternative Dispute Resolution Update 4-8-2015
Appendix K Agenda minutes and attendance of LPCC 3-12-2015 bva JAA
Appendix L Investigation Analysis and Evaluation of Incidents & Losses
Appendix M Workers Compensation Claims Record Information

Loss Prevention & Control Training

New Employees:

General Office Safety
Slips, Trips and Falls
Appendix H - NEO Acknowledgment


Incident Investigation
Accident Investigation Form
Supervisor Incident Report
Witness Report

Training for everyone:

Lifting and your back
Office Ergonomic Exercises

Safety Minutes:

How To Conduct Safety Minutes
Appendix H - Safety Minute Fatigue
Appendix H - Safety Minute Computer Eye Strain
Appendix H - Safety Minute Fan Safety
Appendix H - Safety Minute Grill Safety
Appendix H - Safety Minute July is UV Safety Month
Appendix H - Safety Minute React To A Fire
Appendix H - Safety Minute Who is Responsible For Safety
Appendix H - Safety Minute 4th Of July Safety
Appendix H - Safety Minute Anger - Just One Letter Short Of Danger
Appendix H - Safety Minute Copier and Printer Safety
Appendix H - Safety Minute Fighting Fatigue
Appendix H - Safety Minute Heat Injury Risk Factors
Appendix H - Safety Minute Parking Lot Tips
Appendix H - Safety Minute Spring Cleaning
Appendix H - Safety Minute Why We Have Safety Meetings

Workers Compensation Claim Forms And Information

Notice Of Accident
Employers First Report
Claim Explanation Form
Benefit Explanation Form
Authorization to Release Medical Information
Doctor Visit/ Modified Work Assignment
FAQ From Risk Management Workers Compensation Bureau
How To File A Claim